Arthur Rankin to Appear at NY Museum!

Producer/Director Arthur Rankin is scheduled to make a rare public appearance at the Museum of Television & Radio in New York On December 4th for a public seminar to discuss his (and Jules Bass') work! If you're in the New York area and a Rankin/Bass fan, this is definitely an evening you don't want to miss! Start your Christmas early! Watch rare clips and hear the behind-the-scenes stories of the R/B classics directly from the man who made it all happen! For more information contact The Museum of Television & Radio, 25 West 52 Street, New York, NY 10019 (212) 621-6882.

A Maury Laws Tribute Concert!

On October 18, 2003, The Fox Valley Symphony will pay a musical tribute to Rankin/Bass Music Director/Conductor Maury Laws at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, Wisconsin! Complementing the symphony are Jazz favorites Janet Planet and John Harmon, bringing their extensive talents to the stage to honor one of the Fox Cities' most cherished musicians. If you can make it there, it should be a night to remember! Just check out the line-up of great songs below!

For more information or to purchase tickets visit (click here).


ARLEN/MERCER - Blues In The Night

Maury LAWS - Waltz For A Witch (From Mad Monster Party)

LAWS - Main Theme and Requiem (The 8th Air Force in WW II) (from All The Fine Young Men)

LAWS/BASS - Heat Miser (from The Year Without a Santa Claus)

LAWS - Faded Pictures (from RiverTime)

LAWS/BASS - Tivoli Bells (from The Daydcreamer)

Various - New York Times



ELLINGTON/WEBSTER - I Got It Bad ( and that ainıt good)

DONALDSON/KAHN - Yes Sir, Thatıs My Baby


Various - Sinatra Songs

LAWS/Bass - Daydreamer

John NEWTON - Amazing Grace
Janet Planet and John Harmon

All of the selections were arranged and orchestrated by Maury Laws.

A Rankin/Bass Trivia Question!

What was the last Rankin/Bass 'Animagic' Network TV Special?

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The Ballad Of Smokey The Bear

In our opinion, the 3rd NBC COLOR FANTASY HOUR RANKIN/BASS TV Special deserves a DVD release..THE BALLAD OF SMOKEY THE BEAR (1966). James Cagney brought his talent to this one as BIG BEAR and it is definitely one of their better specials. Once again, Johnny Marks wrote the songs for the special and it is one of those lost gems that has never been out on video. It is owned by CLASSIC MEDIA and they need to hear from fans that want to see it.

Recently, STOKEY THE BEAR popped up on the CLASSIC MEDIA ROCKY & BULWINKLE DVD set in episode #16. This was long thought to have been destroyed due to the US GOVERNMENT's objection to STOKEY being portrayed as a pyromaniac. So one never knows if THE BALLAD OF SMOKEY may see a release. RANKIN/BASS Also Produced a TV Series called THE SMOKEY THE BEAR SHOW which is also owned by CLASSIC MEDIA and would make perfect BONUS material for a DVD release.

Rankin/Bass Soundtrack Album Catalog Pages!

Our good friend GREG EHRBAR from Disney sends along these GREAT DISNEYLAND RECORDS catalog pages! He and TIM HOLLIS are deep into their research on their upcoming DISNEYLAND RECORDS book release from UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI PRESS!

THANKS for sharing GREG!

Charlie-In-The-Box 16" Ultimate Electronic Toy!

"No child wants to play with a Charlie-In-The Box."

Times have changed since Charlie first said that to Rudolph on the Island of Misfit Toys. Now everybody who grew up watching the classic Holiday Special will prove that wrong! You can now have your own talking and fully fuctional pop-up Charlie-in-the-box, and every child-at-heart type WILL WANT to play with this Charlie-in-the-Box! Charlie speaks actual dialogue and features both pop-out action and "sentry" room guard mode. Charlie is a huge life sized 16 inches tall!

Boxed, by Playing Mantis, 2003.

Currently in stock at for only $29.99!

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Rick's Art To Appear at!

Rick has been commisioned to do some artwork of the CLASSIC RANKIN/BASS characters for an upcoming RUDOLPH special event with THEDEEPARCHIVES.COM gallery. Art can be purchased by contacting DAVID SCHEVE via the gallery.

New Santa Claus is Comin' To Town Ornaments!

Wow! Check out these great new Christmas ornaments featuring characters from the Rankin/Bass holiday classic Santa Claus Is Comin To Town! Made by Enesco, we're sure they will be high quality items! Available at Walgreens this holiday season! Grab them up quick as they're sure to sell fast!

Characters left to right -
Top Row: Kris Kringle, Jessica, & Topper.
Bottom Row: Burgermeister Meisterburger, The Winter Warlock, & Santa Claus.

"More News next month!"

- Rick and Mark