Cyril Ritchard and The First Christmas!

Here is a wonderful picture of CYRIL RITCHARD with the cast of THE FIRST CHRISTMAS (1975) that we have MARK HOLCOMB/UNITED MEDIA to THANK!

Rick actually owns two of the ANIMAGIC figures to Cyril's right...SISTER THERESA and OCTAVIA as Mother Mary. (Click here to see pics of how they look now! Color photos from Rick's collection appeared in the fifth article down in our January 2002 News!) Besides appearing in THE FIRST CHRISTMAS, Cyril also appeared in the RANKIN/BASS Feature film THE DAYDREAMER (1966) as the SANDMAN. You can purchase THE DAYDREAMER on DVD from AMAZON.COM right now!

Burl Ives and Johnny Marks!

Here is another GREAT File photo sent to us by MARK! The late, GREAT BURL IVES with the late, GREAT JOHNNY MARKS. This shot gives a great perspective on the size of the ANIMAGIC figures! We talked a great deal about both of these gentlemen at ARTHUR RANKIN's night at the MUSEUM OF TELEVISION & RADIO in New York. This is the 40th ANNIVERSARY of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER and I am sure we will be talking about them quite a bit this holiday season. ELLIOT COWAN (Bernard's son) and I are trying to get a proper documentary made about the MAKING OF the special. ELLIOT has some wonderful things in his archives related to the recording that BERNARD did for the special including tracks of LARRY MANN performing SILVER & GOLD,etc. Keep your fingers crossed...perhaps CBS would like to air something that gives the longest Running, Highest rated Television Special in Television history...it's proper credit.

Meet Talented Jenny Campbell!

Jenny Campbell has been practicing the Baltimore art form of screen painting since '98. She has been creating her own clothing for about 20 years & has been a Rankin/Bass fan for as long as she can remember! Jenny created the Heat Miser dress for a 2003 holiday party. It is made with acrylic paint & glitter on fiberglass screen backed with a black lining. The screen is the same pliable screen you would use in your windows! She says that it is quite fun to wear & she hopes to add a Snow Miser dress to her collection next year! Excellent work!

New Animated Motion Picture
Inspired by a Rankin/Bass Classic!

Writer/Producer Scott Essman sent us this article about the new computer-animated film he is currently working on, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE MONSTERS, in which they pay homage to Rankin/Bass and MAD MONSTER PARTY!

More Great Stuff at Time and Space Toys!

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We Hope Everyone Had a Happy Easter!

- Rick and Mark