New Rankin/Bass Items at Time & Space Toys!

NEW for Easter 2002:
Peter Cottontail Action Figures!
Four posable figures based on the Easter classic Rankin/Bass TV Special, 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail'. These figures are being produced by Diamond Select Toys and will not be available in mass market stores. They are exclusive to Specialty Market / Comic Shops and Time & Space Toys. Pre-Order on-line now at www.TimeAndSpaceToys.com.


Large Rudolph Figurines!

Collectors of the Rudolph Enesco Figurines may have missed these enlarged ( 6" scale) and more detailed versions of the resin figures by Enesco. They were exclusive to ShopKo, a West-Coast Department store chain, and limited to production for Christmas 2001 only. Through a special buy, and while supplies last, Time & Space Toys is now offering four of these Deluxe Figurines at their on-line store, www.TimeAndSpaceToys.com.

Yukon Cornelius at 2001 Rudolph Party!

Larry Mann 
(left) and Patrick Owsley (right). Larry Mann (left), Patrick Owsley (center) and guest.

Larry D. Mann, the voice of Yukon Cornelius in the 1964 animagic special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, surprised everyone when he arrived at the Rudolph Christmas Party hosted by our friend Wally Wingert out on the west coast. Our friend Patrick Owsley also attended, and shot these great photographs for us. After guests were treated to the Rudolph special projected on the big screen in the theater where the party took place, Larry mingled with guests and even spoke shortly on stage! The buzz is that this was one Christmas party that was a complete success! (To find out more about voice actor Wally Wingert, click on his pic below for a direct link to his website!)
Host Wally Wingert (left) & Larry Mann (right) on stage. Host Wally Wingert (left) & Larry Mann 
(right).  (Click the pic to visit Wally's website!) Host Wally Wingert (left) & Larry Mann 
(right) on stage.

Jack Frost Available Now on DVD!

The Rankin/Bass holiday animagic classic Jack Frost has been released from FRONT ROW ENTERTAINMENT out of CANADA and can be found on DVD at SUPER K-MART in the states for $4 ( and only $.99 on vhs )! Not reflective of the price, the disc has surprisingly GREAT quality! Definitely worth picking up!

Anchor Bay To Release R/B on DVD!

YEA!! MAD MONSTER PARTY, THE DAYDREAMER, and THE WACKY WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE are slated for a Summer release from ANCHOR BAY on DVD. So far, it appears rankinbass.com will assist with graphics, booklets and special features! Our Archives are EXTENSIVE on all 3 films which were Co-Produced with JOSEPH E. LEVINE. Look for special edition DVDs later this year!

More Surviving
Animagic Figures
Here are some pictures of some more surviving 'ANIMAGIC' figures recently discovered by Rick Goldschmidt. These two original stop-motion figures are in better shape than most. (From the collection of Rick Goldschmidt) Pictures by David Scheve.


It was a year ago that I put my nose to the grindstone and began piecing together the MAKING OF RUDOLPH book. To my surprise, I recently read a New York Daily News story which ran Decmber 25th, 2001. It appears that Robert May, the Author of the original RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER Children's book published by MONTGOMERY WARD in Chicago (My hometown), began writing his original story "Rollo, The Red-nosed Reindeer" in January of 1939 at Age 35 (The same age I was last January).

At Bob's Boss' Insistance, he renamed the title character RUDOLPH and delivered his finished MANUSCRIPT by August of that year (The same Month I delivered mine to the printer this past year).

Robert May didn't make a cent off the publication or character, the first Seven years of it's existence (There I hope the Irony ends), BUT later MONTGOMERY WARDS execs decided that RUDOLPH had had his run and they retired him ...they shrugged and gave May the copyright. Well, as for the REST OF THE STORY...he went down in history! RUDOLPH outlived MONTGOMERY WARDS..Ha! - Rick

Behind the Scenes @ Miser Bros. Press!

Richard Goldschmidt, Sr. helps unload the huge initial delivery of MAKING OF RUDOLPH books at MISER BROS. PRESS on November 6th, 2001.


Rick Francis, Son of Stan (SANTA/KING MOONRACER) Francis has contacted the site and offered an extensive BIO on his father, which we will post on the SPOTLIGHT section of our site soon! Unfortunately, Stan passed away in 1966. What a phenomenal voice actor. We didn't forget about our friends ROBIE LESTER and JACK DAVIS in the SPOTLIGHT. We were just overwhelmed by HOLIDAY orders. We have plenty to post on both talents and will do asap.


The KING KONG Bendy! Here's some pics of the RARE bendable figure with the original packaging which MULTIPLE TOYS issued back in 1966. (MULTIPLE TOYS was also the company that issued the large playset that same year.) GREAT ITEM!

New Items Coming From Playing Mantis!

*Frosty The Snowman:

A tribute to the 1969 Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr. cult-classic, animated flick! As with their Rudolph line, Playing Mantis is going to start off SMALL with this series. Around Third/Fourth Quarter 2002 expect a wide range of PVC clip-on/ ornaments of all the seasonal characters including Frosty female friend Karen, constantly frustrated Traffic Cop, insightful Santa Clause, washed-up stage magician Professor Hinkle, his "trick" rabbit Hocus Pocus, and starring ball of snow, Frosty. A Deluxe Frosty The Snowman Action Figure will also debut around this time featuring his trademark broom, top hat and corn cob pipe. Place the hat on Frosty (via a powerful magnet) and not only will his eyes turn from "coal" to "animated", but he will utter his famous line "Happy Birthday!" Sure to please. Playing Mantis has plans to follow-up with this series in 2003 by introducing the remaining cast in action figure form.


New 2002 items may include:
-Rudolph Series 2 Action Figures slated for fourth quarter 2002 include :

*Foreman Elf- includes baton, hat, paint pot and brush, and Misfit Toy Wagon

*(Casual, Skinny) Santa and Baby Rudolph- includes a jingle bell harness

*King Moonracer- includes Elephant Footman, fur mane, and flecked (fake fur) body

*Young Adult Rudolph- includes light-up nose and Misfit Toy Gun that squirts jelly

*Mrs. Clause

*Comet- includes hat, whistle, and Misfit Toy Boat

*Charlie-In-The-Box- features a bouncing action, jingle bell collar, and Misfit Toy Airplane

*Deluxe Figure Sets:

*Santa and Rudolph With Sleigh Team

*Yukon With Sled Team

(Playing Mantis stated that more than likely only one or the other will be released next year. Tough choice! AND...)

-Ultimate 13" Newborn Rudolph which features:
Fuzzy "fur" covering a soft, bendable frame- which is fully poseable
Press LEFT ear and his nose lights up!
Press RIGHT ear and Rudy utters one of 3 phrases: "Mama," "Papa," or "Santa."
jingle bell harness

-New 2 1/2- 3" tall PVC collectible figures are planned to include :

*Foreman Elf
*Mrs. Claus
*Skinny Casual Santa
*Girl Elf
*Cowboy Riding an Ostrich

All these, along with Playing Mantis' previous PVC figs can be used with the Santa's Castle Playset and their NEW, proposed Abominable's Cave Playset!


Signed for 3 years, Playing Mantis has plans to deliver figures based on all the seasonal cartoon classics, from Thanksgiving to Christmas- debuting in Fall 2002 with figures pulled from "It's the Great Pumpkin! Charlie Brown!" This assortment of six, approximately 5" tall action figures will include: Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, Sally, Snoopy, and Linus all with approximatley 5 points of articulation, accessories and an interlocking pumpkin patch display base. A Deluxe Playset will also be offered featuring "Flying Ace" Snoopy and his Doghouse. Retail price has not been announced. Packaging for these figures will also be unique- each featuring an image which, when tilted, will show you the character with and without their Halloween costume.

*The Three Stooges:

Each assortment will feature the crazy antics of Moe, Larry, and Curly as seen in their multitude of hilarious short episodes (NOT the movies). At least 12 Stooges are being planned for release each year.

We hope 2002 brings good times for all!

- Rick and Mark