MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here is our gift to you........

First of all, check out the RUDOLPH article (You can reach it from our LINKS or homepage)! We added the rest of the story to date.

The Elf pictures seen here illustrate the 2nd and 3rd GENERAL ELECTRIC FANTASY HOUR broadcast commercials from December 6th, 1964. Each commercial spans 2 minutes long and are loaded with music. The voice actors used for the characters and singing also sang "Isn't It Cozy" in THE DAYDREAMER and can be heard on our COLLECTOR'S PROMOTIONAL CD....if you are a lucky winner! By the way, the PROMO CD does have some BONUS Tracks from RARE DAYDREAMER reel-to-reel tapes.

RANKIN/BASS animated these wonderful commercials and it is amazing to see the detail and care in which they handle the ANIMAGIC replicas of the GE Products! Unlike today's commercials, these spots add a warmth and a charm to the entire airing and give the special an extra HOLIDAY feeling.

SUNCOAST and their various chains now have further RUDOLPH Product including T-shirts, hats and ENESCO figural mug sets! The PLAY ING MANTIS line is also in stock now and selling like hotcakes. You can also find some of the individual action figures at comic book store s and other retailers. Well worth the very inexpensive cost!

The FROSTY THE SNOWMAN 'ENESCO' ornaments turned out to be the hottest collectible in short supply! MENARDS has all but sold out BUT I am sure ENESCO will take note for 2001!

The RANKIN/BASS film MARCO (Directed by Arthur Rankin) will see a DVD release in early 2001! It features a wonderful 8 minute 'ANIMAGIC' section that is worth buying the DVD for alone! Also , the Maury Laws/Romeo Muller tunes and scores are GREAT! Romeo Muller also appears in the film. The film stars Zero Mostel and Desi Arnaz, Jr..

THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS book is "Officially" SOLD OUT! We do have a short supply here and Rick will sign and draw in them for you. These books might have some slight imperfections due to being the last books from the publisher. CLICK on the HOMEPAGE "Book signing" Icon. Hopefully, the book will go into a second printing. Rick is also working on a "MAKING OF RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER" book.

The RANKIN/BASS Specials will be showing on numerous channels this year and PLEASE pick up the COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVDs.....there may be more next year!

Well, we want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season ! Look for me on WGN-TV Morning News if you're in the Chicagoland area . I'll be appearing with some Rankin/Bass goodies on Friday, December 15th at 6:45 am. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from your friends at!