NOVEMBER 2003 NEWS! Mourns the Passing of Art Carney

We were saddened to learn Art had passed away Sunday, November 9th of this year at the age of 85. Art supported my books and became a friend of all of ours! He was the kindest star and signed many things for his fans. He loved his involvement in the RANKIN/BASS Special THE LEPRECHAUN'S CHRISTMAS GOLD and was happy to leave behind a wonderful performance for children. He was a GREAT ONE! - Rick

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Rick Goldschmidt To Make Various Appearances

Rick will be appearing on FOX NEWS IN THE MORNING..the AM after THANKSGIVING either at 7:55am or 8:55am! Also, look for RICK to be in NY with ARTHUR RANKIN at the MUSEUM OF TELEVISION & RADIO 12-04 with the FATHER TIME/RED SKELTON 'ANIMAGIC' figure (pictured left)! MASAKI IIZUKA, the Associate Japanese Producer for RANKIN/BASS, is flying in for the EVENING with ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. and RARE clips will be shown at the event. Also, there will be a book signing at the end of the event and this is every RANKIN/BASS fan's chance to get the books signed by multiple people that had something to do with the specials like DON DUGA, RHODA MANN, BRADLEY BOLKE, PETER BAKALIAN, etc! And finally, on 12-06 Rick will be signing books at the DEEP ARCHIVES 'RUDOLPH' event in NJ with Don Duga! Click Here for more info at or click the pic below to check THEDEEPARCHIVES.COM for details!

Santa Baby Now Available on VHS & DVD!

Just in time for Christmas! The latest Rankin/Bass holiday special Santa Baby has been released by Hart Sharp Video and is now available for purchase on both VHS and DVD! CLICK HERE to order the DVD at or CLICK HERE to order the VHS tape at! Order soon to enjoy throughout the season!

Freshen Your Breath With Rankin/Bass!

Our good friend Michael J. Sullivan discovered these at the local CVS store! Even the folks at Altoids are on the R/B bandwagon! The wintergreen flavor has The Abominable Snowmonster from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the cover of its tin and the cinnamon flavor has The Heat Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus on its cover! The perfect mistletoe accessory! Thanks, Mike!

New S.D. Kluger Prototype Figure From Playing Mantis!

Check out this great prototype figure presented at the 2003 Toy Expo by Playing Mantis! It's S.D. Kluger (Fred Astaire) from SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN!

Visit MBC Before The Temporary Closing!

If you are in DOWNTOWN CHICAGO...Visit the MUSEUM OF BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS in the CULTURAL CENTER, before it closes and moves 12-31-2003. They have a GREAT CHICAGO KID'S TV Display set up by our friend JIM ENGEL (Which includes GARFIELD GOOSE & FRIENDS, BOZO'S CIRCUS, RAY RAYNER and BILL JACKSON/BJ & DIRTY DRAGON items!)! The COMMERCIAL BREAK GIFT SHOP is now loaded up with RANKIN/BASS books and T-Shirts for the HOLIDAYS! You can also take a look at the MARSHALL FIELD'S HOLIDAY WINDOWS...which is just around the corner on STATE STREET..This year's theme is CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. There is a book in the MBC gift shop on the History of CHRISTMAS ON STATE STREET by Robert P. Ledermann that RICK HIGHLY RECOMMENDS (It has GREAT photos and history on UNCLE MISTLETOE). For more info on the MBC call 312-629-6007 or visit their website. They now carry a DVD that features the CHICAGO FAVORITES: THE THREE LITTLE DWARVES ; HARDROCK, COCO and JOE, SUZY SNOWFLAKE and FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (UPA version) with the KUKLA, FRAN & OLLIE 1979 CHRISTMAS Special.

New Little Drummer Boy Golden Book in the Children's Section!

There is a NEW GOLDEN BOOK for kids based on the RANKIN/BASS Classic TV Special THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (1968). It is retold by Irene Trimble and Illustrated by Linda Karl. This would be a nice book to give a child to show them the real meaning of CHRISTMAS! Click here to order at!

New DVD and Video Packaging...the 3rd Version!

For the WALGREENS 2003 Promotion, CLASSIC MEDIA has again re-designed the cover for the DVD and VHS of SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN. This NEW design is probably the BEST yet! It features KRIS along with WINTER and TOPPER! The first issue cover had SANTA on it. The 2nd cover had S.D.KLUEGER. Both of those versions of the DVD also had THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY on it; the NEW DVD does not. In fact, the DVD that was included in THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Gift pack (Now available at TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM) had BOTH specials too, with a LITTLE DRUMMER BOY cover on the DVD.

There is a Promotion in NOV that when you buy the DVD or VHS at WALGREENS and TWO EDY's ICE CREAM Products, you get a $2 rebate.

Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Promotion Kicks In at Walgreens!

WALGREENS has everything out now. There are 2 complete (Set of 6) ENESCO ornament sets per store. On-line, they are available from TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM. Like we thought, most of the Product is poor and for the SIGNAGE...which is all over, is some bad COMPUTER generated images that are not even stills from the show. They also used this poor computer imaging on the back of the ENESCO boxes?

In all fairness, the RUBBER figures on the SOAP sleighs (In the soap section) are pretty good. you get 3 for $5.99. The TANTA, TOPPER and WINTER figures are the BEST of those. There are also some PENS with candy in them and figures on the top by the registers that aren't too bad.

There is candy that has really bad likenesses and a few other items like that. You may want to get into a WALGREENS soon...doesn't look like they ordered as much as they should have...especially the ENESCO ornaments!

Pics From Alex Ross' Annual Halloween Bash!

Alex Ross as the Phantom (center) & Rick Goldschmidt as The Green Hornet (right)

THE MUNSTERS as played by Mary, Mark and Laura Braun! RON & JEAN MURPHY make their usual SHAGADELIC appearance!

Rick and Mark