RUDOLPH BOOK ARRIVES!!!! To Host Online Book Signing Party!

I can't wait!  
Send my book without an autograph now!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER! The Making Of Rudolph book has arrived and has been very well received! They are flying off the shelves! may have noticed that we haven't offered any autographed copies. Well, with the 38th Annual airing of the RANKIN/BASS TV Special RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, RANKINBASS.COM has decided to have an online book signing party! With the arrival of Rick Goldschmidt's NEW book, many have asked about an autographed edition, we decided to give in to public demand! All books ordered through Paypal on the Rudolph air date of November 24th, 2001 will be signed and personalized for you by the author! Come visit the site to celebrate the start of another Holiday season and buy your book for the holidays!
(UPDATE!: We were so successful with our Rudolph airdate book signing that we've decided to do it again! The next day to order either book autographed by the author will be on the network airdate of FROSTY THE SNOWMAN on Friday, November 30th! Also, if you live in the Chicagoland area, you can check out Svengoolie (Rich Koz) plug the new Rudolph book on his Saturday, Dec. 1st show -"Women of the Prehistoric Planet" on WCIU, or catch Rick live on television with Larry Potash on WGN MORNING NEWS (LOCAL CHICAGO AREA only) on the morning of Wednesday, November 28th at 7:50am (Central Standard Time)! Be sure to check it out as Rick always brings something rare and interesting!! - Mark)


....was Oct. 27th, 2001. Alex sent his most UNIQUE invite to date for the 4th ANNUAL party....a 3-D poster of MING complete with ALEX ROSS 3-D glasses. The festivities included a mock game show with the characters from the FLASH GORDON film. One of the most spectacular visuals at the party was a LIFESIZE SUPERMAN created for WIZARDCON based on Alex's KINGDOM COME SUPERMAN made by a designer in England. It was SUPER! Many THANKS to Mark and Mary Braun for taking the pictures! Rick's Nose lit up!  Alex (As the 1970's FLASH 
w/ RUDOLPH)  Rick and Alex have been friends since his earliest days 
 comics!  They both take their cartoons seriously!
RUDOLPH alone (RICK) w/ 
BEETLEJUICE behind and a beautiful painting by Alex's Mother adorns 
the wall.  MING with a couple of 
friends from the 1980's SUPERFRIENDS  Rick with Alex's 
(Friends Mark & Mary Braun)
Rick (Rudolph) with his
daughter Sara Rick tried out his costume before the party for his children Sara and Josh. Here is RUDOLPH with Rick's Kids Sara, age 10 and Joshua, age 6. While they are more interested in DIGIMON and GAME BOY games, they enjoy the RANKIN/BASS specials from time to time. Rick (Rudolph) with his
son Josh

'ANIMAGIC' Shots that didn't make the book!

Pictured left is a photo of the 'ANIMAGIC' table of Kyoko's during the making of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO (1960). It's interesting to see the figures in the process of being put together and the tools they used.

The photo on the right features Hiroshi Tabata animating the opening sequence to SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN (1970). This is the scene that Paul Coker and Jack Davis saw being filmed at MOM.

Photographs courtesy of HIROSHI TABATA.


Paul Coker
 with Frosty the Snowman

FROSTY makes a marketing plunge with many new items at MERVYN'S DEPARTMENT STORES in 14 states! Frosty Bobbleheads will be available only to the first 700 Mervyn's customers who show up early at each store for the post-Thanksgiving Day sale and will not be available for sale. MERVYN'S is part of the same chain that is owned by TARGET and KOHL'S, so you may also see the same items appear at those stores.

Our friend, RANKIN/BASS Designer PAUL COKER, JR. (pictured left) is acting as FROSTY'S Spokesman! He designed the character for RANKIN/BASS in 1969 and is doing many Sattelite TV and Radio interviews! We will provide a schedule as soon as we have one!


storyboard art by Don Duga for the Rankin/Bass motion picture Mad 
Monster Party.

An Event For Rankin/Bass storyboard artist Don Duga will be held in New York on Thursday, Dec. 13th From 5-8pm. Don will be there with his original storyboard art as well as original one-of-a-kind pieces featuring characters from all the different Rankin/Bass productions he was involved with.

Don will be signing pieces and books, talking about his role with Rankin/Bass, and answering people's questions. If people want more information they can contact David From ANimazing at
212 226 7374 (Ask For David)


These RARE Lp's are from the collection of John Hayse. First is the EXTREMELY RARE 10" from THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF DANNY KAYE: THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES! We recently received the re-mastered video version of the future DVD release and it is beautiful!!!! The DVD should be out early next year and is really an 'ANIMAGIC' treat!

The second is a RARE combo Promo LP from YOUR GAS CO. of THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY and MOUSE ON THE MAYFLOWER! The DRUMMER BOY soundtrack is the complete special. The MOUSE ON THE MAYFLOWER Soundtrack is edited perfectly to showcase the songs! Took years to track this one down. THANKS John!

Direct-to-video 'So called' Sequel

Many have asked about the recent release of something called RUDOLPH & THE ISLAND OF MISIFT TOYS Direct-to-video and DVD. Some have told us they even thought it was the original RANKIN/BASS TV Special only to see what it was and quickly returned it. We haven't talked about it at all because it basically has nothing to do with the classic RANKIN/BASS Holiday Special. None of the original RANKIN/BASS cast or talent were involved with this. Basically, GOODTIMES licensed the characters from GOLDEN BOOKS FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT and added their own characters, such as a pink Hippo and a snowman named Scoop, to a CGI animated direct-to-video. Enough said.


Here is some more information on the musical piece Maury Laws has assembled for the CHICAGO BRASS QUINTET that is being performed in various places this Holiday season from MAURY LAWS!

"THE CHRISTMAS SUITE was adapted from music composed for the RANKIN/BASS television specials, first aired from the mid-sixties through the early eighties. The shows remain immensely popular and are still seen around the world. 'Save A Little Christmas' was sung by Angela Lansbury in a show called THE FIRST CHRISTMAS. The plaintive 'Carol' was performed by Fred Astaire in SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN. 'Waltz For Christmas' and 'Parade Of The Christmas Toys' are both from a production based on the Charles Dickens Story, CRICKET ON THE HEARTH. It starred Danny Thomas, along with his daughter, Marlo, and an outstanding cast of actors and singers. 'One Star In The Night' is from the score of THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY and was first sung by the Vienna Boy's Choir. 'Tivoli Bells' was written for a Motion Picture, THE DAYDREAMER, based on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen. It's name comes from the famous TIVOLI GARDENS of Copenhagen, and was suggested by a recording engineer who jokingly referred to it as 'Tivoli Bells.' We like the name and kept it."

"Some of the pieces have lyrics and for that I am indebted to Jules Bass, my collaborator for all those years. Although the songs are not sung here, his contribution was essential."

Maury Laws
October, 2001

Rick and Mark