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Mad Monster Party DVD Re-packaging!
The 2005 Anchor Bay dvd cover.
Many have asked me about the NEW DVD re-packaging of MAD MONSTER PARTY that ANCHOR BAY released in 2005. It does have the same content on the DVD with a beautiful 35mm transfer of the film and it still contains my 23 page booklet just as it was released in 2002. JULES BASS actually just discovered that BARNES & NOBLE is displaying the film and carrying it in large quantities for HALLOWEEN 2006! I picked a copy up there today as a matter of fact. I was given about 100 copies of the first issue in 2002 and I gave them all away.
Also, look for series 2 of the FUNKO figures coming to a store or comic shop near you! FUNKO plans their second series of their MAD MONSTER PARTY line for sometime in NOVEMBER or DECEMBER and it will include FRANCESCA!

~ Rick

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation!

A New Book by Ken A. Priebe!

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Be sure to pick up your copy of The Art of Stop-Motion Animation by flmmaker/puppeteer Ken A. Priebe! This cool book examines the magic that makes inanimate objects come to life before our eyes! The book covers the history of stop-motion animation and includes interviews with industry professionals and hands-on exercises! We were happy to help with the RANKIN/BASS part of this book and this is a GREAT book for any of you that are interested in the medium. It is available in softcover with a great cover featuring a frame from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! A "must-have" for stop-motion fans! (Click the pic for more info at amazon.com.)

Check Out This 28" Uncle Boris Figure!
Talented artist/sculptor Adam Chiet recently contacted us with news of the completion of his 28" figure of Mad Monster Party's Uncle Boris, which he was commissioned to create for a private collector! He was kind enough to share these photos with us, and we were quite impressed with the quality and detail of his work! CLICK HERE to check out Adam's website for more horror themed figures available for purchase! Thanks Adam!

The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!
The Legend of Frosty DVD

I went to see the new 3-D edition of TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS last night and enjoyed it even more than I did during it's first release in 1993. Even though the film was not shot in 3-D, some nice effects were added in...such as snowflakes, etc. It is definitely not the screen popping animation that can be achieved filming in 3-D BUT it did enhance the picture. The glasses were nice and it doesn't matter where you sit in the theatre. PIXAR's KNICK KNACK was the short before

the film and looked GREAT,but it was the newer 'small breasts' version that I am not a big fan of. They should have left the original version of the film alone...it aired in theatres many times before with the 'big breasts' and was even issued on video that way. Nightmare Before Christmas is a must see for HALLOWEEN! The new double disc soundtrack is also well worth the $! It has a 3-D linticular cover and some good covers and demos on the 2nd disc. It's on sale at BEST BUY for $11.99. Or CLICK HERE to order at deepdiscountcd.com for $12.98!

~ Rick


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