Warner Fixes Thundercats DVD!
Many people have been emailing us expressing their disappointment after purchasing the Thundercats first DVD set. Not only did we receive complaints concerning the poor quality of some of the episodes, but it seems it also contained an entire episode with the background music missing! Warner Bros. heard your voices, and quickly reissued the set with the missing soundtrack intact. Unfortnately, the quality issue was not resolved, as Warner cites that these were the best elements they could locate.

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Paul Coker Art at The Deep Archives Gallery!

Rankin/Bass character designer and world renowned catoonist Paul Coker, Jr. has recently produced some great art featuring R/B characters for The Deep Archives Gallery!

Art by Paul Coker
Art by Paul Coker Not only can you view these fantastic Coker originals on the gallery's website (many more than pictured here), they are all available for purchase as well! There are also many works of art available by Rankin/Bass storyboard artist Don Duga!

Paul has created the look of many Rankin/Bass characters that we still endear year after year - Frosty and Karen, the Miser Brothers, Winter Warlock, Bergermeister Meisterberger and more. You may also recognize Paul's style from his years of work at Mad Magazine.

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Art by Paul Coker

Rick Interviewed for Chicago Tribune Article!
Rick Goldschmidt was recently interviewed again by RICHARD KNIGHT JR. for an article on THE CORPSE BRIDE for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE. He writes a column in their MOVIE GUIDE called OUT-TAKES and it will be in the SEPTEMBER 23rd CHICAGO TRIBUNE MOVIE GUIDE. Caricature of Rick by Jack Davis.

First Trekkies - Now Ringers!
The feature film RINGERS will soon be available on dvd! The documentary was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and takes a look Tolkien fans from all walks of life. We assisted producer CLIFF BROADWAY and Director CARLENE CORDOVA with the Rankin/Bass segments. The DVD is scheduled for release on November 22nd, 2005.

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- Rick and Mark