Rankin/Bass Composer Maury Laws' New Website!

Wow! Check out this new site and learn everything you've ever wanted to know about our favorite composer, Maury Laws! Maury has recently launched his site containing facts and photos spanning his entire career! Maury has been composing and conducting music for decades and, along with lyricist Jules Bass, has scored the soundtracks for most of the Rankin/Bass projects. He has penned the music for such beloved classic songs as THE FIRST TOYMAKER TO THE KING, PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER and the HEAT MISER and SNOW MISER songs, just to name a few. His music sets the mood for the scenes, and he often drills directly into our subconscience, producing songs we may hear only once, yet happily find ourselves humming the next day. The man is nothing short of genius and is truly a living legend. The site contains a short bio, rare photos, and listings of all his musical endeavors! Pay a visit at:

The Santa Claus is Comin' to Town / Frosty the Snowman Soundtrack CD Coming Soon!

The soundtracks to the Rankin/Bass holiday classics Santa Claus is Comin' To Town and Frosty the Snowman will soon be available in stores near you!

Rhino is releasing both soundtracks on one disc and is scheduled for a street date of October 15th of this year. Again, assisted with the informative booklet! This Compact Disc should fly off the shelves as the availability of these soundtracks have been eagerly long awaited by fans young and old. Don't forget to grab yours early this season!

(Left: A sneak peek at the final artwork that will be used for the CD cover!)

New 2002 Stop-Motion Products at Time And Space Toys!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph Resin Figural Ornaments!
Expansion set of 10 PLUS BONUS Bumble Ornament!

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Expand and Complete your original set of 12 with all TEN great new character ornaments! Set consists of:

1. Skinny Santa Claus w/ Hunting Hat,
2. Hermey w/ Elephant & Dentist Book,
3. Yukon Cornelius w/ Snowshoes,
4. Misfit Jelly Pistol,
5. Misfit Airplane,
6. Misfit Cowboy,
7. Chief (Boss, Foreman) Elf,
8. Tall Elf,
9. Sam the Snowman with Banjo,
10. "Coach" Comet Reindeer.

Each is about 3-4" tall and made of cold cast resin. This set is based on the classic holiday special from Rankin/Bass. by Enesco, individually window boxed. Order now and get a FREE Bumble Ornament from series 1 of this collection.

Rudolph Glass Ball Ornaments!
This unique ornament style comprises a cold cast resin figure nestled inside a glass ball ornament. The ball is topped with resin snow.

Set of 4 consists of:

Yukon Cornelius

This set is based on the classic holiday special from Rankin/Bass. by Enesco, individually window boxed.

Click Here To Order! Rudolph Christmas Tree TV Ornaments!
This new style of hanging Ornaments feature the characters in nostalgic 1960's vintage television sets.

The set includes:

A. Hermey w/ Bumble's Tooth on TV
B. Bumble w/ Christmas Tree on TV
C. Elves Dancing on TV
D. Sam the Snowman and squirrels on TV
E. Santa and Baby Rudolph on TV
F. Yukon, Rudolph and Hermey on TV.

Each ornament is about 4.5" high and is made of cold cast resin and acrylic. by Enesco.

Davey And Goliath

Many people confuse the RANKIN/BASS Stop-Motion Process 'ANIMAGIC' with the Claymation process of ART CLOKEY and others.

The difference is that CLAYMATION is done with Three Dimensional CLAY figures and 'ANIMAGIC' is done with doll-like figures with defined materials and wire and ball jointed bodies for more accurate positioning.

We're glad to see two of our FAVORITE Art Clokey figures, DAVEY & GOLIATH are seeing a resurgence!

It's Davey and Goliath as a new pair of Bobble Head / Nodder / Wobbler Dolls!

The two pop-culture icons have resurfaced in Mountain Dew ads and now are available in NECA's Headknocker line of bobbleheads.

The dolls are made of quality heavy resin (ceramic-like material) and come individually window boxed.

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Click Here To Order! Davey & Goliath Bendies!

This new Collectible 5 Piece Set of Bendable Poseable "Bendies" is based on Davey's family from the Classic Stop-Motion Show. The set includes 5" figures of:

1. Davey's Mom Elaine,
2. Davey's Dad John,
3. Davey's Sister Sally,
4. Davey,
5. Goliath.

by NJ Croce Co.

Davey & Goliath Talking Dolls!

This set of Davey & Goliath dolls feature electronic voice chips that speak actual lines from the show.

This set of two dolls comprises:

1. Davey (stands about 12 inches high and is constructed of plush and cloth materials with a wire frame armature for poseability with a roto-cast vinyl/plastic head). Davey says, "Hey that's great, Goliath", "Goliath...Goliath!", and "Want a hotdog?!"

2. Goliath (stands at 8 inches and is constructed of plush materials). Goliath says, "I don't know, Davey", "Hello Davey", and "I told a lie too, Davey".

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- Rick and Mark