Here are three EXCLUSIVE 'RUDOLPH' figurines to go with your 2001 ENESCO figurine set! They are EXCLUSIVE to HALLMARK stores and for your on-line shopping convenience. We recently received our sets of ENESCO figurines and this year's line is quite impressive. The NEW multi-figure scenes directly from the TV SPECIAL are probably the BEST ENESCO has produced to date and these scenes are far superior to another series of figurines based on a non-RANKIN/BASS so-called sequel Holiday video. A few of the scenes are made up of two multi-figure scenes that slide together.

MISER BROS. PRESS and RANKINBASS.COM bring you RANKIN/BASS books for the holidays!!

Many have asked about a 2nd printing of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS book and Pre-ordering THE MAKING OF THE RANKIN/BASS HOLIDAY CLASSIC: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER hardcover book! We are pleased to announce we are now accepting orders for both books!

Back by popular demand, we are offering the softcover version of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS book from MISER BROS. PRESS. It sells for $19.95 and $5.00 shipping. The paper used for the pages and cover are slightly different than the TIGER MOUNTAIN PRESS First-Edition/First Printing. The content of the book is the same. You can mail your payment now to: MISER BROS. PRESS, P.O. Box 1284, Bridgeview, IL 60455 or pay with PAYPAL mid-September via our MERCHANDISE page. Book expected to arrive here Sept. 10th and orders will ship immediately!

THE MAKING OF THE RANKIN/BASS HOLIDAY CLASSIC: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER Collector's hardcover book is due in the first week of November. If you mail your payments now to the MISER BROS. PRESS address (and make payments out to MISER BROS. PRESS) you will be first in line for the book. We will take PAYPAL payments about a week before the book shipment is due in. The books are shipping directly to us and you can avoid going through a distributor by ordering now. This book sells for $29.95 and $5 shipping.

To avoid delay, these books will be un-signed. The RUDOLPH book features 8 pages of color, a color dust-jacket, the complete 1963 Romeo Muller Television Screenplay, photographic storyboards for the GE Commercials and an in-depth chapter on "ANIMAGIC."

Order early to avoid the Christmas rush! Depending on orders placed by other distributors, there is a chance these print runs could sell out before the holidays! READ MORE about the RUDOLPH book in our JUNE NEWS!


Our Friend Greg Ehrbar has Produced his follow up CDs to his first TOON TUNE CD! TOON TUNE Vol. 2 & 3 were released by RHINO RECORDS in August. You'll enjoy classic cartoon themes (including alternate versions of previously released themes) with some NEW cartoon themes.

Greg (Left) showed Rick (right) and his family around the DISNEY theme parks in Olando, Florida this past July. Greg has worked at DISNEY for some 15 years. Greg also has worked on CDs with RANKIN/BASS content for RHINO, such as A BILLBOARD FAMILY CHRISTMAS and he gave Rick's NEW 'RUDOLPH' book a read through and offered some helpful suggestions. Greg also attended ROBIE LESTER's appearance at the LUM & ABNER FESTIVAL and brought an extensive collection along with him to honor the GREAT vocal performer! THANKS for your help Greg!

ENJOY your Fall and don't forget to check my Fall EBAY auctions under ANIMAGIC1 or just e-mail for availability on Auction items! THANKS!!