Rick Meets Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms!

Rick and ROBIN WILSON (Lead Singer of the music group the GIN BLOSSOMS) meet up July 2nd in LOMBARD, IL. They talked music, Comic books and RANKIN/BASS. Turns out ROBIN's wife is a big RANKIN/BASS fan as well. The GIN BLOSSOMS have recently reunited and played many Summer Fests throughout the US. They plan on going in the studio in a few months to record for the first time in 7 years! If you have a chance to see them this Summer...Don't pass it up! AWESOME show from one of the most talented bands in the business! Rick (left) and Robin Wilson (right).

A Live Action Mad Monster Party?

Uncle Boris - voiced by Boris Karloff in the original Rankin/Bass classic.

Apparently Warner Bros. is currently working on a live-action version of the Rankin/Bass feature film Mad Monster Party. Quite an undertaking! Can an updated version possibly hold up to the original? After all, the attraction to the 1967 film, which has a cult following to this day, is the combination of all the right ingredients; the Rankin/Bass stop-motion process of Animagic, the great character designs by Mad Magazine veteran Jack Davis, the creepy jazz soundtrack by Maury Laws, and the fantastic voice acting by Boris Karloff, Phyllis Diller, Alan Swift and Gale Garnett, among other things! We'll try to be open minded, but as for now we remain skeptical. Click Here to read more at

Rick Donates Books to School Libraries!

Rick visited his childhood Elementary School, STONY CREEK SCHOOL, to donate both of his books to their library!
Principal MRS. OTTO (STONY CREEK SCHOOL) invited Rick back to discuss his work with RANKIN/BASS at a future meeting.
Rick also visited the High School he attended, MARIST HIGH SCHOOL, with his son JOSHUA to donate his books to their library as well.

Until next time....

- Rick and Mark