August is
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The DVD is here! August 6th was the release date and it was a very long time coming. This special has rarely been seen. The DVD is short on EXTRAS BUT the FEATURETTE is AWESOME! The 7 minute film, shows how ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. and JULES BASS put it all together! It's also beautifully re-mastered and restored. The special itself never looked better! Since there isn't even a chapter card inside the DVD case, I am considering on putting together a little behind the scenes booklet to go with this. Also, I think it was a mistake not to put the RANKIN/BASS name and logo on the front of this one. CLASSIC MEDIA/SONY WONDER also put a new box together with the MAD MAD MAD MONSTERS VHS which is GREATLY improved BUT again, no mention of RANKIN/BASS on the front cover. Not only is that credit a well deserved caption BUT it also helps sell the product. Not sure why they wouldn't want to include it. Maybe next time.... (CLICK the PIC to order yours through

TV PARTY - The Book!
Our friend Billy Ingram, producer of TVPARTY.COM. has written a book as a companion piece to his wonderful and abundant website. We look forward to the fall release of all our classic television memories on the printed page! Billy was one of the first to create a site dedicated to Nostalgic Television. The site has been praised by internet critics and is truly not only a fantastic TV site but is, in our opinion, one of the best on the web! One can easily spend hours browsing the site. It's easy to get lost in the past as you experience your youth through your favorite tv shows of yesteryear! Lots of multimedia with 100's of clips, it's one site that's simply a pleasure to visit.

With the polished look and tons of info on the site, the book can only reflect the same quality and content! Keep checking TVPARTY.COM for more purchasing details as fall approaches...or click the pic to visit the site and have your own TV Party right now!

OK, it's not RANKIN/BASS, but...
.......How do you make THE perfect CD? Ask LUKAS KENDALL at FILMSCOREMONTHLY.COM/FILM SCORE MONTHLY magazine, because he did it! We can't begin to tell you how GREAT this I SPY Soundtrack CD just have to buy it and listen to it yourself! Our friend EARLE HAGEN did the magnificent scores for the series and I never heard better sounding cues from a 1960's TV Series.
I SPY Sountrack Compact Disc Cover The first 15 cues are in STEREO and from 1/2" beautifully preserved tape! I am very proud to have been associated with this project and Joe Sikoryak laid out a SUPERIOR booklet to go with the CD. I know it's not RANKIN/BASS BUT if you are a fan of TV SOUNDTRACKS or SPY music or JAZZ Music or EARLE HAGEN, etc. DON'T MISS to 3,000 pressings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY DIRECTLY FROM FILM SCORE MONTHLY! Original artwork by Rankin/Bass veteran Jack Davis inside the collectible booklet!


-> The Mad Monster Party DVD is now in stock at your local K-Mart (K-Mart will exclusively carry the disc with a special Postcard Set included inside!)

-> A Thundercats comic book series is in the works. More info to come!

-> Autographed Miser Brothers Postcards (Paul Coker) will be available again through our site before the end of the month!

Until next time....

- Rick and Mark