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Wizard World Convention Fun!

Rankin/Bass historian and author, Rick Goldschmidt will be attending the WIZARD WORLD CON in ROSEMONT, IL on SATURDAY, August 9th from 10AM to 6PM and SUNDAY August 10th from 10AM to 5PM at the TIME & SPACE TOYS.COM booth (booth #2654)! Rick will be showing RARE video, answering questions, Signing and selling books w/ an EXCLUSIVE 'Bumble' Collector's card and offering some RARE memorabillia for sale. In addition to all this, for the first time we will be selling a WWW.RANKINBASS.COM/MISER BROS PRESS/TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM T-Shirt featuring the beautiful MITCH O' CONNELL artwork that adorns our HOMEPAGE. Read more at Time & Space Toys...

A RANKIN/BASS History tidbit!

Jingle & Jangle from The Year Without a Santa Claus! In 1974, Two East Coast Voice Actors gather under the Direction of Jules Bass, In New York to lay down their vocal Tracks for JINGLE BELLS and JANGLE BELLS. Of course, we are talking about BRADLEY BOLKE and the late, great BOB McFADDEN. Both actors had worked together before on things like the classic comedy LP THE FIRST FAMILY and other RANIN/BASS Projects such as the newly released to DVD film THE WACKY WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE. Bradley, who is still based in New York, is best known for his work on the TENNESSEE TUXEDO & HIS FRIENDS show. He was the voice of the beloved CHUMLEY THE WALRUS. BOB McFADDEN is featured in our NEWLY REVAMPED SPOTLIGHT SECTION where you can now view the new "SPOTLIGHT ON JACK DAVIS"!

A Gift From Bob!

Our Friend BOB DUBE sent along a complete set of beautifully painted MAD MONSTER PARTY wood figures which stand about 6-8" on BEAUTIFUL wood textured bases with wood name plates in the lettering style from the film! THANKS! Bob! (Bob did the art on the last page of the Mad Monster Party DVD booklet!)

Sorry for such a small News page this month!
"We hope everyone had a good 4th!"

- Rick and Mark