GREAT New RANKIN/BASS Products coming for the Holidays! PLAYING MANTIS is issueing a great NEW RUDOLPH EXPRESS train for you to set around your Christmas tree year after year! Your PLAYING MANTIS PVC figures can take a ride as well and then visit SANTA'S CASTLE this year too. One item that will be sure to fly off the store shelves this year is PLAYING MANTIS' Roaring Large ABOMINABLE!

ENESCO also has another line of RUDOLPH figurines for this season. They are based on actual scenes from the classic RANKIN/BASS Special and some of them interlock to make a larger scene. This has been an Extremely successful line for ENESCO and their 2002 line is already being planned out.

Where can you pre-order all of these GREAT new products? From the fine folks at TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM! Check their NEWLY designed homepage which shows the entire ENESCO and PLAYING MANTIS line for 2001! There are also some ENESCO Exclusives that were made for TIME AND SPACE TOYS!

NEW Novel released JUNE, 2001 from Jules Bass!

A new NOVEL from Jules Bass called HEADHUNTERS was released in June, 2001! It has been very well received and can be purchased from AMAZON.COM. You can also read some reviews there including one from the author. There is also a film deal in the works. We want to congratulate Mr. Bass on another book well done. Also available from AMAZON are his books on HERB, THE VEGETARIAN DRAGON Illustrated by Debbie Harter. Check our LINKS page for more information on these GREAT Children's books!

A Gallery of R/B Art from Professionals & Friends!

We have many GREAT friends that have helped RANKINBASS.COM with Art! Here are a couple of examples. Above is an EXCELLENT 'MAD MONSTER PARTY' painted plaque by our Friend from Massachusetts....BOB DUBE! He has painted several plaques like this and then die-cut them out of wood. An EXCELLENT artist! To the right we have a GREAT Frankie by legendary Monster artist and friend BASIL GOGOS done for THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS. Basil did the BEST covers for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and then later MONSTERSCENE MAGAZINE. A Master with the paint!

In THE MAKING OF A RANKIN/BASS HOLIDAY CLASSIC: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (MISER BROS. PRESS) we enlisted the talents of our art friends: David Sheldon, Steve Rude, Patrick Owsley, Jack Davis, Paul Coker, Jr., Jim Engel, Kirsten Ulve, Mitch O'Connell, Lane Smith and more! These illustrations really decorated the book for the holidays and we may offer them as prints in a LIMITED EDITION portfolio this Christmas! Stay tuned for details!