Special Mad Monster Party DVD CARD Set Designed by RANKINBASS.COM to be Released!

With the Outstanding ANCHOR BAY release of 'MAD MONSTER PARTY' on DVD this July 23rd, K-MART is taking on thousands for their discount store chain with a SPECIAL 4 card collector's set designed by RANKINBASS.COM! You won't want to miss this EXCLUSIVE, which will tie into their HALLOWEEN 2002 Promotion! Each card is 4.25" x 6" and has text and graphics on the back. The card set will come shrink wrapped and will be inserted inside the DVD cover with the 24 page booklet written by Rick. The disc itself features a still archives with over 60 RARE images, The 35 mm print of the film itself, and the original theatrical trailer. Unfortunately, the elements for the "making of" special 'UNEARTHING A CLASSIC' did not arrive in time to be included in the disc's special features.

Where's the KING KONG Videos?

Many have asked about a KING KONG release on DVD or video! CLASSIC ENTERTAINMENT/GOLDEN BOOKS FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT in New York currently own the series. We hope it will be issued in some format soon, but unfortunately there has not been any official announcement for release in the immediate future. The THEME SONG does appear in STEREO on the first RANKINBASS.COM Collector's CD that appears on EBAY from time to time.

Another Project RANKINBASS.COM is involved with at the moment is the RHINO CD release of the original MGM SOUNDTRACK LPS from SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN/FROSTY THE SNOWMAN. The Soundtracks were originaly issued as PROMOs and very difficult to find. This release will be including Extensive Liner Notes written by Rick with many images from the RANKIN/BASS archives. One of the GREAT things about the FROSTY soundtrack is that it features the voice of our Friend JUNE FORAY as Frosty's friend KAREN instead of the real little girl RANKIN/BASS later secured for the actual special. Look for this CD to appear in the stores in early FALL!

JACKSON FIVE Cartoons to Appear in a VH1 5 Part BUBBLEGUM ROCK Series!

VH-1 is assembling a 5 part BUBBLEGUM ROCK special which will contain clipsfrom the classic RANKIN/BASS Saturday Morning series THE OSMONDS and THE JACKSON FIVE SHOW. One of the reasons the J5 Series was so well remembered was due to the wonderful JACK DAVIS designs (Seen here)! Marlon recently requested copies of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS book for the Jackson's archives!

"- and a Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!"

- Rick and Mark