MAY 2003 NEWS!

R/B Music Director Maury Laws Joins Rick in Recording Studio For Percepto Records Interview!

On April 19th of this year, Rankin/Bass Music Compser/Director Maury Laws arrived in a south suburb of Chicago on a quiet Saturday afternoon. He was there to be interviewed by Rankin/Bass Historian Rick Goldschmidt at Hair Bear Studios for a special CD project for Percepto Records. (Percepto produced the MAD MONSTER PARTY soundtrack on CD as well as many other great film and television soudtracks - which are all available for purchase on their site!)

Maury discussed his career as Rick guided him through the interview with questions that proceeded chronologically through Maury's entire body of work with Rankin/Bass. After nearly 90 minutes of recording, they called it a wrap. The master was edited and mixed throughout the following weeks and everyone has been very pleased with the final product which will hopefully be available in the near future! Thanks Maury!

Rankin/Bass Musical Director Maury Laws (left) listens as Rankin/Bass Historian Rick Goldschmidt (right) asks questions about his illustrious career.
The guys have a sip and a chuckle during a break from recording while Tom Margarites (right) documents the interview on video & checks his equipment.
In the reception office at Hair Bear Studios, Maury takes time after the recording session to autograph some postcards for us while Rick looks on.
Maury poses outside the studio with Rick (left photo) and with's Mark Sykora (right photo) before departing.

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New Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Postcards?

Here are two EXTREMELY RARE "Never before published" Images from the RANKIN/BASS archives. The ABOMINABLE SNOWMONSTER image will be available EXCLUSIVELY at WIZARDWORLD CHICAGO 2003 in ROSEMONT, IL Saturday 08-09 (hours are 10am to 6pm) and Sunday 08-10 (hours are 10am to 5pm). Check WIZARDUNIVERSE.COM for details! Look for us at the TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM booths for your COLLECTOR'S CARD! Rick will be appearing and signing books! We will be showing RARE clips and talking about the various Projects in development. We are looking at selling the RUDOLPH & HERMEY photo as a card at RANKINBASS.COM. We have already talked to our friends BILLIE MAE RICHARDS (RUDOLPH) & PAUL SOLES (HERMEY) about signing them! We would like to provide them with a financial reward for their classic voice work of the characters!

An Independent Review...

We recently received the following email:

I recently had the pleasure of writing and publishing a review of Daydreamer at a site called Epinions. The review can be found at I hope this is of interest to you.


Not only was it of interest, but she hit the nail square on the head! Check it out! It's an honest and well written review! (...and we agree with every word!) Thanks Talia!

- Rick and Mark