MAY 2002 NEWS!

Here they are, the new Playing Mantis products for 2002!

More Rudolph plus It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown action figure lines!

The Rudolph Action Figure line continues with 6 all new poseable figures and 6 new PVC figures. There is a Deluxe King Moonracer and Yukon Sled & Dogs Set as well as a 13" Ultimate Rudolph Doll.

The first ever Action Figures based on the Holiday TV Special Animation version of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang are finally a reality.

All new product based on these two classics are available to Pre-Order Now at!

Don't Be Fooled....
Mad Monster Party BootlegVideos on EBAY

Over the past year we have seen many MAD MONSTER PARTY video bootlegs sold on EBAY. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $! Some say 1999 TAPEWORM edition, but there has never been an authorized release of this film from Tapeworm. Some say the cover was cut up to insert in a hardshell, etc. All previous releases of the film were from a 16mm print. This summer, as we have already stated, MMP is coming to both DVD and VHS from ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT featuring the beautifully restored 35mm print. Save your $ and purchase this one. K-MART will be carrying over 40,000 units of the DVD and it will include a SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S CARD set. All issues of the DVD will include a 24 page booklet also. This DVD release will have it all. Other details on the DVD: STILL ARCHIVES with over 60 images, TRAILER, Collectible packaging, FEATURETTE "MAD MONSTER PARTY: UNEARTHING A CLASSIC".

Actual sample layout for the 24 page booklet cover included
in the upcoming dvd by Anchor Bay!

RHINO and RANKINBASS.COM pair up for CDs in 2002!
RHINO will be issueing the MGM SOUNTRACKS to FROSTY THE SNOWMAN and SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN for a Fall 2002 release! We will be providing the liner notes and photos for the booklet. MORE INFO to follow!

THE HOBBIT Soundtrack?

With the success of the feature film LORD OF THE RINGS and the recent releases of the RANKIN/BASS classics THE HOBBIT and RETURN OF THE KING on DVD, many have asked about the Soundtrack release. We are all for it. Releasing the soundtracks on compact disc would make perfect sense at this point. WARNER BROS. owns the specials and fans will have to lobby them. Their Creative dept. is based in BURBANK, CA. There are plans to release the classic specials in the UK this year and an elaborate Soundtrack CD set that would include the elaborate extras that were included in the Disney BUENA VISTA release in the 1970's would make many Tolkien fans and RANKIN/BASS fans very happy!

- Rick and Mark