We are working on a NEW CD Project for PERCEPTO.COM and part of this CD will include an interview with the legendary R/B composer MAURY LAWS conducted by RICK which will be recorded on April 19th.

The interview will focus on the LAWS/BASS Masterpiece 'THE DAYDREAMER,' but will journey into other areas too.

This CD will be an Exciting NEW release from PERCEPTO.COM and just may Premiere at the SAN DIEGO COMICON this July! Also, don't forget....PERCEPTO.COM has improved the MAD MONSTER PARTY CD with a color booklet. If you don't have this version yet, We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

Wild Chicago R/B Segment a Hit!

We've received many emails after the airing of the segent featuring Rick & friends on the television show Wild Chicago recently. Everyone was very kind with their responses! Thanks to everyone who contacted us! And thanks to the nice folks at WTTW and Wild Chicago as well! We had fun doing it! If you missed it, keep tuning in as it likely air again throughout the spring/summer!

Owsley Art Featured in Gallery!

The guys at


will be hosting an Event this month featuring art created for Hanna Barbera by our friend Patrick Owsley! Patrick also did some great art for our site & books! Check out his impressive talent!

Miser Bros. Press Meets Captain Marvel!

Visit our friend JACKSON BOSTWICK's website www.jacksonbostwick.com! He played CAPTAIN MARVEL like no other in the Hit CBS TV Series of the 1970's made by FILMATION called SHAZAM! Co-Starring Michael Gray & Les Tremayne (Who just turned 90 Years old!). MISER BROS. PRESS may be getting involved with JACKSON'S New book about his days as The Big Red Cheese!

Picks Up a Few Die-Hard Fans!

We haven't talked much about this before BUT the film MAD MONSTER PARTY has been picking up speed ever since the release of Rick's first book THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO.

Back in 1999, Sara Karloff put the Rock band THE MISFITS in touch with us and we assisted with a NEW YORK 'MAD MONSTER PARTY' screening as well as a video featuring MAD MONSTER PARTY for the band's re-make of MONSTER MASH, which was issued in limited release on CD and 45. The band even had a GLOW IN THE DARK T-SHIRT bearing the image of UNCLE BORIS out for a while.

At the end of 1999, Rock star ROB ZOMBIE picked the MAD MONSTER PARTY Soundtrack CD in ROLLING STONE as his #1 pick for the year in his TOP 10 list!

With the dynamic release of the DVD from ANCHOR BAY in the Fall of 2002, their have been many Product inquiries and there is a possible film in the works based on the classic.

We are currently working with a company to possibly Promote a RANKIN/BASS section in a chain of Mall stores, that is quite exciting! Stay tuned for details.....

Have a Happy Easter!

- Rick and Mark