MAURY LAWS visits Chicago!
We had the pleasure of meeting up with RANKIN/BASS Musical legend Maury Laws over dinner at NAVY PIER'S RIVA Restaurant. A few interesting Tidbits that Maury told us is that he wrote the arrangement for the novelty hit "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini" and he appears in the RANKIN/BASS fan favorite made-for-tv movie THE BERMUDA DEPTHS as the Scientist/boy's father, who is killed by the giant sea creature. Incidently, his scream in the film was over-dubbed and performed by Jules Bass!

Maury is a wonderful guy and THE most talented composer for Family entertainment in our book! He will soon have a web page available designed by his talented wife Karen and we will be setting up a LINK for sure!

(Pictured Right: Maury Laws)
(Pictured Below Left: Maury (right) with his son John Laws (left) and Wife Karen (center))
(Pictured Below Center: Maury and son John)
(Pictured Below Right: Maury and Rick Goldschmidt.)

New 2002 Rudolph Product Line From Enesco!
Here they are, the new Enesco products for 2002! Enesco has continued the figure line with 10 new figures - some which were designed by our own Rick Goldschmidt! There are also 6 new mini-figures, plus a new masterpiece figure (left top) and a Rudolph figure with a light-up nose! But this is just the tip of the iceberg! There's an Abominable cookie jar, Rudolph and Clarise salt & pepper shakers, ornaments, mugs and more! You've got to check 'em out! Pre-orders are being taken now on all items and they are scheduled to ship in August 2002. To pre-order or to just take a look and learn more about these items at www.timeandspacetoys.com just click on any of the pictures! Treat yourself or get your Christmas shopping done early for the Rankin/Bass fan in your home!

More Mad Monster Party DVD News!

More exciting news concerning the Summer 2002 Anchor Bay release of the Rankin/Bass Halloween classic motion picture MAD MONSTER PARTY! We have been informed that the rights to the once-scrapped documentary on Mad Monster Party produced by Dave Whitting have been purchased by Anchor Bay to be included in the DVD extra features! Previously presented on our site in a crude slideshow format, it was once feared that Animagic fans would never see this documentary as it was meant to be seen. Featuring interviews with voice talent Phyllis Diller, animation producer Dave Whitting, our own Rankin/Bass historian Rick Goldschmidt, and hosted by the modern master of cartoon voices, Billy West, this informative presentation will soon be enjoyed by all! Mad Monster Party seems to recently be rising above its cult status, and along with an 18 page booklet written by Rick and a remastered print, this DVD is sure to be a great seller and a fantastic addition for any animation or Rankin/Bass DVD collector! We'll keep you updated on any future info on the project!

- Rick and Mark