Rick Goldschmidt Releases Solo CD!
Click Here to purchase in our online shop!

Click Here to purchase in our online shop!

Independent label MISER BROS RECORDS has released a new solo CD by's very own Rick Goldshmidt! It features 10 new songs all written by Rick with performances by ROBIN WILSON, SCOTTY JOHNSON and PHILLIP RHODES of the GIN BLOSSOMS. In addition to the members of the GIN BLOSSOMS "RICK GOLDSCHMIDT SINGS" features performances by Chico Diaz and Ryan Prier of THE BLACK MOODS, KEVIN & KEG GIRAGOSIAN of THE NEVERLY BROTHERS and Dennis Riordan and Chris Goldschmidt of THE STARVING ARTISTS!


Gin Blossoms' Scott Johnson (left) & Rick Goldschmidt (right) pose for a photo in front of Mayberry Studios in Tempe, AZ.

Rick at home with his Stratocaster. (Photo by LLoyd Degrane)

Rick in the MASTERING STUDIO (Sonorous).

The CD was Produced by ROBIN WILSON, KEVIN GIRAGOSIAN and JEFF ISLINGER and recorded in TEMPE, AZ and CHICAGO, IL over the last two years. It is Rick's debut release! There will be downloadable music at MYSPACE.COM and AMAZON.COM sometime in the near future. It was MASTERED at SONOROUS MASTERING by David Shirk and the cover was designed in part by AMATO IMAGE DESIGN, and features cover art by artist and friend DAVID SHELDON!

Cover concept by Paul Coker, Jr. Rick (left) and Gin Blossoms' Robin Wilson (right).

The Starving Artists' Dennis Riordan on bass guitar.

Mayberry Studios engineer George Keller (left), Gin Blossoms' Robin Wilson (center), and Rick Goldschmidt (right).

Chris Coldschmidt's new drum head!

Scotty, Robin and George in the studio.

Rick and friend (Photo by LLoyd Degrane)

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Maury Laws & The Baseball Music Project!

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Check out what Rankin/Bass composer Maury Laws has been up to! Maury is part of The Baseball Music Project, a tour of concerts honoring the history of music in baseball! Maury arranged many of the numbers performed! Click on the logo above for info on upcoming performances.

Highlights of the concert will include orchestral versions of"The Baseball Polka" written in 1858, John Philip Sousa's "The National Game", "The Umpire is a Most Unhappy Man", Ruth Gehrig's "I Cant Get to First Base without You", "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball", "Let's Keep The Dodgers in Brooklyn", "Damn Yankees", and many others, including music from such great baseball films as "Field of Dreams" and "The Natural".

If your a fan of baseball or music
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for an enjoyable experience!

A St. Patrick's Day Question!
Blarney and Faye Killakilarney.

We recently received the following email:

I saw the piece on your site and the collection on WGN Morning News today and maybe you could help me. I remember seeing a series of 30 minute long programs back in the 70s. In fact the only one I recall was one that involved a leprechaun. My question is that do you know the title of this series, and will it ever be out on DVD?


Answer: Although it was a half-hour Animagic special and not a series, that can be none other than Rankin/Bass' THE LEPRECHAUN'S CHRISTMAS GOLD featuring the voice talent of Art Carney! As far as we know, it should be part of a RANKIN/BASS DVD Holiday set from WARNER BROTHERS in 2006!

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