Rudolph on Animal Planet in 2005!
Rudolph, Arthur & Jules Art by Paul Coker!


Who is the most famous CHISTMAS Animal of all-time? RUDOLPH, that is who. RANKINBASS.COM has assisted with a wonderful program that will deal with classic Christmas Animals like MAX the dog from HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS and SNOOPY from A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS. You won't want to miss this GREAT Show this HOLIDAY season!

Happy Easter from Your Friends at!

We have got word of a new CGI version of PETER COTTONTAIL which involves the voice of ROGER MOORE. From what we have seen of it....we really wish they hadn't hopped down the BUNNY TRAIL. Of course, RANKIN/BASS have created 3 QUALITY Easter specials: HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL (Which is in ANIMAGIC), THE EASTER BUNNY IS COMIN' TO TOWN (ANIMAGIC) Starring FRED ASTAIRE as S.D. Klueger and THE FIRST EASTER RABBIT (Cel Animated) Starring BURL IVES as G.B. BUNNY! There are hopes for a DVD release of the two later specials from WARNER BROTHERS HOME VIDEO in 2006!

Rick Records Solo CD with the Gin Blossoms!

Rick flew out to Tempe, AZ in early March to record his first solo CD at MAYBERRY STUDIOS. The Project is being Produced by ROBIN WILSON (Lead Singer of the GIN BLOSSOMS) and the GIN BLOSSOMS played on Rick's songs (See As Rick arrived, the GIN BLOSSOMS were finishing up their long awaited Third CD (Their first two CDs went DOUBLE PLATINUM and PLATINUM respectively) and JESSE VALENZUELA was busy at the MIXING console with GEORGE KELLER (Engineer). Phillip Rhodes (DRUMS) had rejoined the band in early 2005 and with the original line-up back together, they immediately went into MAYBERRY and recorded their 3rd effort. PHILLIP also plays drums on Rick's tracks and Rick's CD will be coming together over the next year or so. If you live in the CHICAGO area, the GIN BLOSSOMS will be performing at RIDGEFEST in Chicago Ridge in late JULY and Rick will be on hand for the performance as well.

Rick's son Joshua especially likes ROBIN WILSON's articles in the OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION Magazine and looks forward to future issues. ROBIN may even pen an article on RICK's collection of memorabillia and toys for an upcoming issue of a TOY COLLECTOR magazine.

Rick's friend STEVE RUDE (NEXUS, WORLD'S FINEST) was on hand for the MARCH recordings and lives in PEORIA, AZ now. STEVE is a big fan of music and he even drew a large drawing of his creation THE MOTH on the bathroom door of MAYBERRY STUDIOS!

PHILLIP RHODES back in tow as the GIN BLOSSOMS DRUMMER! Phillip did a wonderful job of playing drums on Rick's new upbeat Tunes "Goodbye" and "Brand New Love" and will be playing on future tracks for Rick's New CD.

- Rick and Mark