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Thundercats Fans Rejoice!

There are some Projects in the works with RANKIN/BASS' THUNDERCATS! A live-action Feature Film is in some stage of pre-production, and a direct-to-video animated THUNDERCATS Project is being discussed as well. Details will be forthcoming.

We recommended COMIC BOOK legend and friend of RANKINBASS.COM...ALEX ROSS for the Live-Action Character design. He did a THUNDERCATS VS. BATTLE OF THE PLANETS cover (Pictured here) for WIZARD MAGAZINE #138 to GREAT effect! (Click the pic to visit Alex's website!)

Rankin/Bass On VH1?

Yes! It's true! Rankin/Bass was featured in VH1's 100 Music Moments That Rocked TV which aired throughout the week of January 12th to the 18th of this year! Number 52 highlighted the talents of R/B songwriters Maury Laws and Jules Bass. It was none other than "The Heat Miser" song from the R/B holiday favorite The Year Without a Santa Claus! See, Rankin/Bass Rocks!

Another Rare Stop-Motion
Figure Surfaces!

We proudly present these wonderful pics of one of the few surviving Rankin/Bass "puppets" - "Father Time"! This character is from Rudolph's Shiny New Year and was voiced by legendary comic actor Red Skelton. From the private collection of David Scheve, time certainly has been kind to "Father"! He appears to have held up quite nicely over the years! Check out our January News for a link to David's online gallery! (Photos courtesy of David Scheve.)

Long Lost
Rankin/Bass Toy Discovered!
Check out this great pic of one of the great R/B toys from days gone by! It's a Dorothy doll from Rankin/Bass' TALES OF THE WIZARD OF OZ made by ARTISTIC TOYS way back in 1961! Photograph courtesy of Ronald Murphy. Thanks, Ron!

Artist Patrick Owsley
Launches Website!

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Visit the new website created by our good friend and talented artist, Patrick Owsley! Patrick has worked with major animation studios and has also contributed some wonderful artwork to our site also! (As well as the Miser Brothers Press logo featured in the books and throughout our web pages!) His new website certainly showcases his gifted talent! Check it out at www.patrickowsley.com or use a link by clicking the pic!

Click here for more info or to order at FILM SCORE MONTHLY!

Rick Assists With Production Of Man From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack!

The MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. 2 CD set from FILM SCORE MONTHLY is now available on their website! What a GREAT cover and they selected the BEST cues out there! The booklet is extensive and made up from images supplied by GARY MATHESON and rankinbass.com's RICK GOLDSCHMIDT! (Click the pic to visit FILM SCORE MONTHLY's site for more disc info or to order yours today!)

New R/B DVD Release Reminder!
Don't forget! Two new Rankin/Bass DVDs will be released in just a few short weeks! The Daydreamer and The Wacky World of Mother Goose are both slated for a street date of March 4th! Check out our January News for more info or click on their respective covers to preorder each at Amazon.com! *NOTE: there are 3 Black and White TV SPOTS that are wonderful on the DAYDREAMER DVD! A Surprise even to us!

Enesco 2003 Rudolph Line
Available For Preorder at Time and Space Toys!

Wow! Some great new Rudolph items from Enesco are currently available for preorder at timeandspacetoys.com! Among them (pictured here) are Newborn Rudolph with Mom & Santa Figure, "Gadzooks! The Bumble Strikes Again!" Musical Motion Figure Masterpiece Edition, and "Nobody Likes a Skinny Santa" Cookie Jar! More 2003 figurines and ornaments are also available!

Click the pics to visit Time and Space Toys for more info or to preorder yours today!

Click2 here to visit Time and Space Toys for more info or to preorder yours today! Click here to visit Time and Space Toys for more info or to preorder yours today! Click here to visit Time and Space Toys for more info or to preorder yours today!

- Rick and Mark