Rankinbass.com to Collaberate With Anchor Bay for Upcoming R/B DVD Releases!


RANKINBASS.COM has signed on with Anchor Bay to provide the historical material for the 3 RANKIN/BASS feature film DVD releases they have planned for this year! The long awaited dvd release of the Rankin/Bass full length theatrical movie MAD MONSTER PARTY? is slated be on store shelves by July 8th!

We'll be sure to share more information on the extras and bonus features on the disc as more details arrive!

Paul Coker Christmas Art!

To the left is a peek at Paul's hand drawn Christmas card from 2001! To right we present another hand drawn Paul Coker original - a christmas gift tag! What a sharp sense of humor he has...he is a bit MAD! His card always has some sort of topical humor and his 2000 card dealt with the Y2K bug. He has also done many Christmas cards and tags for various companies. Paul is THE RANKIN/BASS artist!

Shirley Temple as Dorothy Gale?

Here is a treat for ST. VALENTINE'S DAY...a picture of two ANIMAGIC figures of "America's Favorite Sweetheart", SHIRLEY TEMPLE! Shirley was actually considered for the role of Dorothy in MGM's 1939 classic musical motion picture of "The Wizard of Oz" before Judy Garland was finally cast. Apparently, this wasn't the only time Shirley was considered for the role! Check the familiar dress on the figure on the left - it even had a little Toto! But it seems the role of Dorothy would remain just out of reach for the talented child star as fate once again intervened. Because Unfortunately, you see, these Rankin/Bass stop-motion figures were created for an un-produced television series!

- Rick and Mark