Rick Makes Cover of The Chicago Reader!

RICK was the COVER STORY of the CHICAGO READER NEWSPAPER! (Christmas Eve Edition)

Richard Knight (DICK O' DAY formerly of WILD CHICAGO/PBS TV) pens an extensive article on Rick's RANKIN/BASS involvement and his new musical direction for the cover story of THE READER. This past HOLIDAY season was a SUPER BUSY one for us and this article had alot to do with it and for that we are GREATFUL to RICHARD and the entire READER Staff!

photograph by Lloyd DeGrane

Miser Brothers Bobbleheads Still Available!


Here is a SPECIAL 2004 Edition run of the HEAT MISER & SNOW MISER Bobbleheads by NECA TOYS commisioned by TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM. Wonderful Likenesses! Get yours FAST because the MISER BROS do not last long. You nay recall the marketing sensation a few years back at SUNCOAST, SAM GOODY, MUSICLAND, Etc. Those items just flew off the shelves and many have asked us about them!

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Rick Pays a Visit to the Sundance Film Festival!

PARK CITY, UTAH was buzzing with excitement over a new film called RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS.This Documentary film was part of the SLAMDANCE schedule of film and wonderfully depicts the phenomenon of the works of TOLKIEN. Rick assisted with the film in the RANKIN/BASS section and the film even features NEW versions of some of the classic BASS/LAWS songs including a GREAT rendition of DOWN, DOWN TO GOBLIN TOWN by WORLD WITHOUT SUNDAYS (www.worldwithoutsundays.com). The PREMIERE party was held at the LEVI's RANCH and featured a GREAT live performance by WORLD WITHOUT SUNDAYS as well, which was followed by a LATE NIGHT, SOLD OUT Screening of RINGERS! It is remarkable that RANKIN/BASS' specials World Without Sundays CD THE HOBBIT and RETURN OF THE KING have meant so much to so many fans and THE HOBBIT actually won RANKIN/BASS their only PEABODY! Much THANKS goes out to CLIFF BROADWAY! When this film hits DVD....Pick it up Immediately! CARLENE did a wonderful job of Directing this film! www.planetbb.com

Playing Mantis and Enesco Rankin/Bass Lines To End?

Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Playset by
 Playing Mantis It's true...We won't be seeing anything NEW from either the MEMORY LANE RANKIN/BASS Action figure line from PLAYING MANTIS or the ENESCO RANKIN/BASS Figurine line. In December, we received a package from our old friend BOB PLANT (RUDOLPH MEMORY LANE line, etc.) and he advised that a new company took over PLAYING MANTIS and his last days for the company were in Mid-December. This is sad news indeed, especially after seeing the WONDERFUL line of figures based on SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN that were released in NOV. 2004 (See www.timeandspacetoys.com) and the amazing prototypes for THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY that were to be released as figures in 2005.

2001 Enesco Rudolph figure ENESCO also has no new plans to either continue their RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER figurine line or to develop any other RANKIN/BASS figurine lines.

BOTH companies have had much success with all of their RANKIN/BASS lines in the past BUT with a weak economy and the oversaturation of RUDOLPH products in recent years...this was probably unavoidable. In the past, I have suggested to both companies to Produce ANIMAGIC figure replicas. So far, this suggestion has not been done and I feel this is what Collectors would really appreciate. Figures that look like the REAL thing! Unfortunately, my suggestions fell on deaf ears. Who knows what the future will bring ?

Benefit Concert for Erick Orquiola a Great Success!

THE STARVING ARTISTS played a BENEFIT concert for ERICK ORQUIOLA Dec. 11th, 2004 and are happy to say ERICK is doing better and want to THANK everyone who came out to support our friend. The $ was a big help to ERICK and his family and it meant a great deal to all involved.

HECTOR PADILLIA provided the venue at his ILLUSIONS NIGHTCLUB and the band FOR ALL I CARE also played. It was a GREAT way for all of us to get involved and make a difference for a friend in need.

Our Annual Christmas Card from Paul Coker!

What Were They Thinking?

RUDOLPH'S 40th ANNIVERSARY was a strange one to say the least. We had hoped to see a DOCUMENTARY done on the classic RANKIN/BASS Special or something that showcases the History of the longest running, Highest rated Television special of all time. Instead, CBS Broadcasted the special two times during the Holiday season and with the 2nd showing inexplicably aired the special with an alternate, poorly animated DESTINY's CHILD ending? MAURY LAWS, MYSELF and nearly every RANKIN/BASS fan could only scratch our heads and wonder "What is the world coming to?" On a better note, DOCUMENTARIES are finally going to be Produced in 2005 on RANKIN/BASS to be included in DVD sets starting with the 2nd set of THUNDERCATS DVDs. More NEWS to follow! Burl Ives and Johnny Marks look on in disbelief!


- Rick and Mark