Mark Sykora

Mark Sykora has been busy building this website since its debut and in doing so has become quite a web designer and a very valuable part of the team. Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Mark Sykora

Besides working at building, he is also an experienced puppeteer influenced by our friend and Chicago TV legend Bill Jackson Mark & Julie (Visit his website from our Links page) and Jim Henson among others. In fact, Mark has assisted in the building of BJ's website at

"I have been extremely happy with the work Mark has done at and I think I can attribute the 100,000 Plus hits to his creativity and talents. Many web-builders have offered to create their vision of what a Rankin/BassMark Sykora & Maury Laws website should be, but Mark and I have been on the same page from the beginning. The website is an extension of my first book and I think it is visually exciting....more so than most websites I have seen on the web. It's extremely user friendly and the layout is tops! My hat goes off to Mark Sykora," Says Rick Goldschmidt.

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