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Welcome to the Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass!

presented by:
Rick Goldschmidt and Mark Sykora

"Generations after Rudolph first took flight,
Rankin and Bass are more popular than ever"
- TV GUIDE (1999) would even say it glows... W elcome to! It has been years since the release of my book and the interest in RANKIN/BASS PRODUCTIONS is at a new all time high! I can barely keep up with all the many developing projects. My SOLD OUT book with TIGER MOUNTAIN PRESS has now also SOLD OUT of its 2nd printing with MISER BROS. PRESS! We are also PROUD TO PRESENT...THE MAKING OF THE RANKIN/BASS CLASSIC: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (Miser Bros. Press)!

O ver the past few years I have heard from Movie Producers, Record (CD) Companies, Toy and collectible manufacturers, Television News shows, Newspaper and magazine writers, and many, many fans. This type of interest has prompted this particular website. Mark Sykora (co-founder of the site) and I have always felt the BEST way to present this information to the many R/B fans should be of an immediate nature and this site will be the best place to do just that.

Artwork by Gallery Artist Mitch O'Connell

I n most cases, you will learn of projects and products months in advance just by tuning into our site. We have built a strong relationship with GOLDEN BOOKS FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT and WARNER BROTHERS HOME VIDEO and will be able to pass along future re-mastered video and DVD release information. We are involved with several RANKIN/BASS figurine lines being developed by ENESCO CORPORATION. ENESCO and PLAYING MANTIS are releasing perhaps the most faithful RANKIN/BASS likenesses ever produced for three-dimensional R/B collectibles. Both companies made BIG strides in 2001!

I n addition to NEW product information, we will spotlight the talented people behind the scenes on the making of the classic R/B shows. Since the release of my book, I have assembled ring binders full of NEW and RARE material! It gives us great pleasure to continue showcasing the many wonderful people that helped to put these shows together. Look for bios on people like Jolly Jack Davis, Don Duga, Antony Peters, Len Korobkin, Romeo Muller, Howard Beckerman, Robert McFadden, Susan Conway and many more on future pages.

Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Rick Goldschmidt (photo by Mark Sykora)

S pecial THANKS to Arthur and Jules for making my books and this website a reality! We have also invited Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass to address their fans in the pages of this site.

M usic has always been a very important part of the history of RANKIN/BASS and for this we have Maury Laws and Jules Bass to thank. We will be talking about some RARE record albums that were not included in my book and some newly discovered demonstration tapes and records. We have put together Promotional CDs of this RARE material for the RANKIN/BASS staff as well as offering a few in special raffles at to our loyal customers!

W ell, we invite you to look over the site and look forward to hearing from you. This will be the place to learn about all things RANKIN/BASS and you will also be able to take advantage of some special offers! THANK YOU for your support! Enjoy exploring.....

The Enchanted Website of Rankin/Bass!

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Larry Potash of WGN Morning News welcomes Rick Goldschmidt to the WGN TV Studios!
Larry Potash of WGN Morning News welcomes
Rick Goldschmidt to the WGN TV Studios

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